Nobody Can Love You Like Them Roughnecks Do 3

Nobody Can Love You Like Them Roughnecks Do 3

At the end of part two, Belly realized just how important the upcoming match was to Mason Strauss. In a game where your pride and ego can sometimes drive you to do irrational things, Belly and the people who love him have learned that to some this is more than just a sport. Will Belly make it through and be able to seek retribution for what Mason has done? Or will their longtime rivalry end in death, making it far too late?

With her man getting shot up, along with being pregnant, life hasn’t really been a piece of cake for Blaise. Especially with jealous exes and baby daddies lurking in the shadows, just waiting to ruin the union she’s built with Belly in any way possible. When it all becomes too much, forcing her to face a certain reality, will she cower under the pressure, wrecking the life she wants with Belly? Or will the man she begrudgingly fell in love with, recover, keep her line, and force her to focus on the bigger picture?

In this love story drenched with jealousy, lies, scheming, and trickery, will beautiful Blaise and her roughneck make it out together, or apart?

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