Grief Recovery Handbook: Grief Recovery Handbook over Death, Divorce, Health and Career with Strength, Hope and Peace

Grief Recovery Handbook: Grief Recovery Handbook over Death, Divorce, Health and Career with Strength, Hope and Peace

Divorce, career downtime, ill-health or the death of a loved one can trigger grief. There’s no point trying to suppress grief. However, as Christians, our challenges [in whatever form it presents itself] are not meant to destroy us but how we respond to them can lead to our destruction. It’s natural to grief due to something precious being cut off from our lives but how can we turn a grieving period to one that can positively impact on our growth and maturity and come out stronger from it? How best can we handle grief and allow others to learn from our us?

Many have grieved, lose hope in life and ended up committing suicide or becoming a shadow of themselves due to how they handled their grief moments. They failed to see life beyond what they had and as such possessions left them, they gave up to death or retire to failure. The earlier we understand the connection of our relationship between God, and others around us, the better for us. Life is far more than the people we have, our health, career, marriage or other possessions. Life is what we make out of it in God and not what we feel it should be. Our sad moment can be the best thing to ever happen to us. Don’t just ask how.

“Grief Recovery Handbook” is particularly written for both Christians and non-Christians who are saddened or depressed due to divorce, career downtime, ill-health or death of a loved one to help them see how they can recover from grief with strength and move on to a wonderful future ahead of them. This is coming from someone who has experienced grief in different areas of life. Today, he has a thing or two to say to you. There’s a lot you can learn while grieving. It can mark a moment of self-discovery for you. During grief, many questions can only beg for answers: Can we say any good lies in the death of a loved one? What hope lies in a diseased body? Can there still be reconciliation after divorce papers have been served? How can a career downtime become a springboard for success? Can you still trust God with all that you have passed through? So many questions going through your mind! I can assure you that you’ll find answers to all lingering questions in your heart.

This handbook is divided into five sections. Section one focuses on facts about death and best strategies towards recovery from grief as a result of the demise of a loved one. Section two covers issues on divorce and understanding relationship in general. Here, you’ll discover how best to handle divorce and move on to a new life without having to get trapped for the rest of your life as a result. Often, many feel they are in a medical situation because of some wrong things they have done. They think God has forgotten them or their faith has failed. No! Ill-health can be a time for a rebirth. God can use ill-health to preserve you for the future. This is fully covered in section three. Section four presents a big question, “Any such thing as career failure?” Well, as humans, we see situations differently. But I tell you, there’s no need feeling sad over the state of your career for any reason. As Christians, all things work together for our good—that’s the assurance we have in Christ. A seemeth career failure can indeed be for your good.

The last section presents specific action points to a renewed active life away from grief. Here, you’ll find out those things you need to do immediately you finish reading this book before moving on to something else. Simple Word principles are all that you need to recover from grief. I’m certain that this book would supply the answers you seek in your heart at this time of your life and prepare you for the life ahead. It promises to be refreshing.

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