BOOK THE JOB! (For Teens): A Guide for Actors

BOOK THE JOB! (For Teens): A Guide for Actors

#BTJ Top acting coach and creativity expert Anthony Meindl answers the most frequently asked questions actors have about modern acting. Learn the answers to questions like: How do I find and develop a character (You don’t!) How do I know how far I need to go before it becomes melodramatic? (Well, if you have to ask…) What am I so scared of? (What are we not scared of?) How do I work with my agent during pilot season? (Wait…How do I even get an agent in the first place?!) What do I do if I get nervous in front of a casting director? (Breathe.) Do I have talent? (Yes!) What’s the #1 thing I need more of in my life and work? (Love.) From technical questions to business questions to booking jobs to allowing yourself to feel (in acting and in life!) and ultimately to remembering why the hell you wanted to do this in the first place… You’ll find practical, easy-to-reference answers in BOOK THE JOB! —the only acting book you’ll ever need.

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