When The Storms Come…you can take it: Coping…one day at a time (One Day at a Time Devotional Book 1)

When The Storms Come…you can take it: Coping…one day at a time (One Day at a Time Devotional Book 1)

“When The Storms Come” is based on the Old Testament book of Job. It takes you through the high – and low – points in his life. Walk with Job and hs family and learn how to “take” trials in the power and strength of the Lord.

This is a book that will move your heart and help you to rejoice in the midst of your pain. You will be blessed as you share these insights from Job’s life and apply them to your own situation.

What Others Have Said About This Book:

A powerful spiritual guide to overcoming and healing emotional, physical, and professional crises.

The book’s title is immediately compelling. Evoking the specter of the dark clouds of loss and dramatic changes, the title addresses our fear of surviving the unknown and it extends a promise to us that we can indeed cope—and survive with hope and comfort.
Our trust in the author’s intent is instantaneous. Her affirmation of God’s love for each member of His human race suffuses her words with continuous affirmation and encouragement. Throughout the book, she speaks in plain English of Job’s losses, and her voice speaks so personally to us that we often find ourselves saying, “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel.” Thus, the healing begins, the aching subsides, and the grief diminishes as she reveals God’s ever-present partnership in our recovery.

The author structures her book so that her readers can parallel their losses with Job’s successive losses.
In the same way, the author explores our own sudden losses—because life, for all of us, changes continuously, sometimes happily but often seemingly tragically. Loss, we learn, is inevitable, and therefore the author teaches us to remember and to recognize God’s extended hand, ready to help us survive depression, pain, and sadness. He is ready to help us begin the healing process.
The author’s approach is never to overwhelm us or condemn us for our human failings of faith. Instead, her chapters are succinct, clearly written explanations and expressions of faith, assuring us always of the truth of biblical healing. closes with a brief, inspirational and helpful prayer.
The first chapter of this book is particularly strong because it summarizes the Book of Job and focuses on God’s role in Job’s life. It anchors the book, and the final chapter sums up lessons learned, the importance of God’s offering of unconditional love. Closing the book, we feel renewed, reassured that, with God’s help, we—and other readers—can indeed survive and triumph “when the storms come.”

This is one of the most accessible books on spiritually surviving grief and losses that I have ever read. Its short meditations and prayers are powerfully written, and they address today’s problem with the same strength and courage that Job used when he faced his own grief and losses.

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