Indispensable: How to Succeed at Your First Job and Beyond

Indispensable: How to Succeed at Your First Job and Beyond

Too often, we fail to receive the coaching that we need to succeed in the workplace. Instead, we are left to figure it out for ourselves, learning by trial and error in a competitive and sometimes cutthroat world. In Indispensable, leadership development expert Meredith Whipple Callahan outlines how employees early in their careers can maximize their potential in the workplace. Drawing from her own experiences and those of other high performers, Callahan offers unusually sophisticated and pragmatic advice. This guide helps you to:

  • Start strong by nailing the basics
  • Drive your professional development from the start
  • Deploy your curiosity to better understand your situation
  • See beyond your work to the root causes, big picture, broader implications, and next steps
  • Increase your productivity
  • Communicate effectively by bringing context, purpose, and structure
  • Raise issues in a direct and diplomatic way
  • Contribute beyond your formal role

Altogether, Indispensable gives a comprehensive view into what allows employees to excel and become indispensable to their organizations. For employees in the first decade of their careers, it is nothing short of required reading.

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