A Job of Inn Dependence (A Hotel Inspector Cozy Mystery Book 1)

A Job of Inn Dependence (A Hotel Inspector Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Monday, 23rd March 1970.
Diana Halcomb just started a brand new job… and discovered a murder!

Employed as a hotel inspector for a national accommodation chain, newly-divorced Diana is nervous about her first day of work. A situation that doesn’t get any easier when she discovers a fatally injured man following a Vietnam War protest.

With suspicions cast her way and an investigative journalist on her tail, Diana must navigate two completely new experiences. A career that offers her a way out of her mother’s spare room and a crime that could land her in the big house.

Joining ranks with an eager reporter, Diana chases up leads and conducts interviews with potential suspects. She’d better work quickly to solve the murder or she might have to check-out.

Hotel Inspector Cozy Mysteries are quick 1-2 hour reads perfect for filling in time waiting for appointments, commuting to work, or when your significant other insists on watching the TV show that makes you roll your eyes.

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