You Got the Job!: Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality

You Got the Job!: Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality

The #1 career advancement book, “You Got the Job!” is a proven blueprint and step-by-step guide that will transform your career.

Written by Angelo Giallombardo, the worlds leading authority on executive job hunting“You Got the Job!” can literally “Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality.” Based on over 15 years of Executive Recruiting experience and employment process expertise, Angelo Giallombardo brings his career job hunting knowledge to you in an easy to use proven system to maximize your job search and to help you advance your career. 

“You Got the Job! Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality” will help you with the crucial steps in the job search process by:

– Showing you a proven method to get the job you’ve always wanted

– Developing the correct mindset, attitude, and perspective in the job search process

– Helping you focus on your strengths during the job interviewing and employment process

– Giving you proven resources to build the best resumes and cover letters

– Giving you the correct resumes “do’s and don’ts”.

– Helping you to maximize your job searching efforts

– Finding job opportunities that are not publicly advertised

– Networking with career professionals on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to maximize your job search

– Showing you how to master the employment and job interviewing process

– Showing you the best job interviewing “do’s and don’ts”.

– Giving you tips and strategies on how to secure and negotiate several job offers at once. 

Unlike any other job search book on the market, Angelo’s motivational methods can transform an executive job searching and job hunting effort to help you land your dream job!

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